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Asia Argento shared a photo of herself with Ronan Farrow and two other women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and harassment.

Farrow was seen in the picture, taken on Monday, with his arm around Rosanna Arquette as Annabella Sciorra and Argento leaned against one another.

'The scale of the issue is different depending on which country is brought into focus, but the fundamental issues are identical: women earn less, get promoted less, and are underappreciated in the workplace.'The address in London is also a building with a number of small offices, though no actual office number is listed on the Reuben website. Very.'And Farrow wrote: 'Craziest story I’ve ever reported, and a rare professional experience that made me fear for my safety (even including time in Afghanistan).' Weinstein also used several other private security firms including the Los Angeles-based agency PSOPS to investigate those who threatened to expose him, it is alleged.

Mc Gowan responded to Farrow's second report earlier this month by tweeting: 'Here is my official statement: CHECK MOTHERF***ING MATE PIGFACE'Another Weinstein rape accuser, Asia Argento, wrote: 'Why didn't I @rosemcgowan @Ro Arquette @Annabell Sciorra spoke up earlier? The agencies deployed secret operatives to 'target' stars such as Rose Mc Gowan, who would later become Weinstein's most vocal accuser, Farrow reports.

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In one email, on October 10, the agent who went by the name Diana Filip and posed as a women's rights activist wrote: 'Hi Love, How are you feeling? It is claimed one of Weinstein's objectives was to obtain a copy of a book that included 'harmful negative information on and about the Client' - identified as Weinstein in multiple documents.Those services ran into the hundreds of thousands of dollars according to one invoice that was submitted for 0,000.Weinstein allegedly had the agencies compile psychological profiles on dozens of targets such as Rosanna Arquette (left).One such profile focused on actress Arquette, an accuser in a recent piece for The New Yorker, and included her posts on social media about sexual abuse, her family history with molestation and sexual assault, and her friendship with Mc Gowan.Weinstein allegedly hired the intelligence agencies through his law firm so the investigations would be covered by attorney-client privilege.

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