Virus prevents updating

I've looked at the Sonicwall forums and other people are having the same problem.

People were basically told to turn off their Gateway AV or tell their firewall to exclude the scanning of ZIP'ed files.

Now the thing is - the software installs fine - but when it comes to update the databases it returns a networking error and won't update.

I scanned using MWB and Spy Bot but it returned nothing.

Please advise of the setting in Norton 360 that I have to change to allow these updates to download when Smart Firewall is on Thanks Norton 360 prevents Windows 8 from downloading Windows Updates If Norton 360 smart firewall is On I cannot download Windows Updates in Windows 8..progress of the Windows Updates download sticks at 0KB .

You can download updates for malwarebytes as an executable file from HERE, on another machine and then run it on the poorly one to update it, you may be able to do the same with Avast but not too sure. Shut down and restarted in safe mode with networking immediately I deleted the from the drive then installed Malware Bytes and Spy Bot Search and Destroy to do a search as well as Avast... A few minutes later the laptop slowed to a crawl and I knew it was some sort of virus/worm/trojan.Thanks for your help - deleting / fixing those entries in the Hijack This log has helped and it turns out that Comodo was still installed - its possible I never completed the install. Managed to download an update for Avast and running a search now.Hello, I'm working on a friend's PC that got the "Fake MS Antivirus" virus.

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