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If we have access to the best guide, we can avoid a lot of misery, getting lost, getting hurt…” With the best guide we can make our trip amazingly more beneficial.Jesus is the goal, but Mary is the best guide to get us to that goal.” To completely put ourselves under Mary’s protection and guidance, Father Alar said we should consecrate ourselves to her.Read Full Bio Ami Mc Connell Abston has more than twenty years of experience in the publishing industry.Her editing credits include New York Times and USA Today best-sellers as well as RITA, Carol, Christy, and Christianity Today Novel of the Year award winners.During his talk, he will discuss how to love Our Lady as God has asked us to do and how to become devoted to her Immaculate Heart.

He is the former president of King's University and currently serves as the Presiding Bishop over Macedonia International Bible Fellowship, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. is an ordained minister and well-known school speaker.

The live broadcast of “Divine Mercy and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” in Stockbridge, MA, can be watched by going here.

“Divine Mercy and the Blessed Mother are the two spiritual messages of our time,” Father Alar explained during an interview.

He founded Children of the Father Foundation in1997, which has become the world’s largest provider of reduced cost materials on the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

The My website seeks to bring the devotion to every corner of the world.

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“We know that while God’s mercy is infinite, but the time of mercy is not.

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