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Every now and then, offer advice and share your suggestions on what your lover could do to improve their life or their work. But talk about your childhood, your young dreams and all the little things that make you who you are.

[Read: The right way to talk about your past relationships] #22 The future. This topic can make for intellectual conversations that can help you get to know your partner’s view about life and the pursuits that matter to them. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can give both of you hours of fun conversations. After all, preferences always change with time, and the more you know about your partner’s present preference, the better you’d know them.

It’ll give both of you a chance to explore cuisines together and also make dinner plans for the weeks to come. It’ll make for great conversations, and help your partner get to know your personal side better. Plan your vacations or weekend getaways weeks or even months earlier. It’s a step closer to learning more about your partner’s life and what they do, especially when you aren’t around.

Vacations are almost always the highlight of an entire calendar year, so even dreamily planning it ahead of time can get both of you excited. [Read: 13 signs your friends are ruining your perfect relationship] #12 Proud moments.

At some point, they’ll always come back to haunt both of you.

If you aren’t able to perform or don’t feel like having sex all of a sudden, talk about it so both of you can overcome any issues together. For a relationship to be successful, sexual intimacy is as important as romantic gestures.

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, it’s always communication that brings two lovers closer together, and leads to better understanding.

[Read: The real power of words in a relationship] 25 interesting topics to talk about Almost all of these conversation ideas can be repeated in your together time, and the best part about these topics is that your partner will always have a new answer each time you ask most of these questions.

Conversations can help both of you understand each other better, and help both of you bond better.

It’s exciting and fun, and it’ll give both of you something to look forward to after a long week of work.

By having something to look forward to, it’ll even help both of you get through the week with enthusiasm because you know you have a good weekend coming up. Talk about the things you like or admire about your partner.

Have you ever felt like you’re running out of things to talk about, be it over the phone on an all night call or while you’re just spending an afternoon together?

Topics to talk about in a relationship When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy for the right topics to talk about to slip right past your fingers.

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